Make healthy lifestyles a family affair! Eating well and being physically active every day are the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. You play an important role in helping your child and your family learn about being healthy. Leading by example is a great way to do this.

Make sure you and your family...

  • Eat a good variety of healthy and nutritious food
  • Exercise regularly and encourage your family to be as active as possible
  • Teach your family that good health depends upon the balance between how much they eat and how much they move

What’s in a balanced diet?

To find out more about a healthy diet take a look at the Eatwell Plate. This will give you an idea about which foods fall into which food groups and how much of each food group you should have each day.

Eatwell Guide

Tip Tops for exercise... A family approach

Try and do activities as a family! 

  • Go for a family bike ride or a walk in the woods
  • Take a ball to the park for a kick around
  • Take a trip to the local swimming baths
  • Start walking to school rather than driving, or shorten your route by getting off the bus two stops earlier.

For more ideas and Top Tips visit Change4life website

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