Starting Well Children’s Centre Updates

In September 2023, 309 families shared their experience of the Starting Well Service by completing a survey.

91% of families said they would recommend us to their friends and family!

Below are some examples of how this feedback has been used by the Service to shape our current offer to families.

If you would like to share your experiences or ideas for future consideration please click the following link: Submit Your Feedback

You Said We Did 2023 - Image shows a child's hand holding a wooden dinosaur. A speech bubble reads, Website is hard to  navigate to find  Children’s Centre  timetables. (Parent feedback, September 2023)

You Said: You found it hard to find information about Lets Play on the Starting Well website.

We Did: We developed a weekly service wide Lets Play and Open Advice timetables, so you can see at a glance the groups running on that day.  

You Said We Did 2023 - Image shows a young child with her hands on her chin, smiling for the photograph. Words on the screen read, “It was concerning and scary giving birth in the height of the pandemic, I didn't receive much intervention from the Service however I  understand this was out of your  control and feel you would be better prepared should this  situation ever arise again.“ (Parent feedback,  September 2023)

You Said: That your child was born during the covid pandemic and the Starting Well offer was different and you didn’t know the full Service offer.

We Did: We will be contacting families with babies born March 2020 - 2021 via telephone to update them about the current Starting Well offer.

We have partnered with Koala Bosom Buddies to provide more peer support for breastfeeding families.

We launched our Facebook page to keep families updated with key health and wellbeing messages and the Service offer, as well as making our website more user friendly.

You Said We Did 2023 - 2.png

You Said: We need to promote more awareness our Facebook offer.

We Did: We have now included our Facebook details on all letters, created a poster for the Children’s Centres, with a QR Code directing people straight to the page. We will talk to you about it when we have contact with you.

You Said We Did 2023 - Image shows a bottle of Healthy Start Vitamins with the wording, “I would love to be able to buy vitamins for both babies under 6 months and children from all  Children’s Centres. Also some  staff need updating on the  recommendations for vitamins  for babies. and breastfeeding  support.”

You Said: You wanted improved access and advice about Healthy Start vitamins.

We Did: We have updated all staff on the current Healthy Start vitamin offer and how to help families check If they are eligible. We now have a Healthy Start page on the Starting Well website.

Access to Healthy Start vitamins are available in all main Children’s Centres.

You Said We Did 2023 - Image shows a mum holding her baby in a standing position.

You Said: During Incredible Years parenting session sessions you would like more role play to help explain into more detail of what we are learning.

We Did: When we deliver the sessions we will look at adding in more role play to support your understanding. 

Starting Well Duty Teams

You are able to contact the service and speak to someone directly by calling any of our Duty Teams. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice and support; we are here to help and available during the following hours and on the following telephone numbers:

Monday to Friday: 9:00am until 5:00pm (closed on all bank holidays)

Blacon Children's Centre telephone number: 01244 397412

Stanlaw Abbey Children’s Centre telephone number: 0151 488 8036

Wharton Children’s Centre telephone number: 01606 555285