Starting at a new school may feel daunting for your child, and for you too! Here are some top tips on making the transition smoother for both of you.

  • Familiarise your child with the school route. Whether it’s by car, bus or on foot, try out the route a few times in advance of starting school. It will make it much easier to do on the first day.

  • Your child has a whole load of information to take in in those first few weeks so be mindful of the fact that they may be tired or a little irritable. Make some time to be there for them and listen to them.

  • Help your child to get into a new routine by teaching them to manage their time and new homework load. This will avoid stress for both of you!

  • Make sure that your child is properly kitted out with everything they will need well in advance of the first school day.

Remember… all children are in the same boat but if you’re worried that your child is taking a little longer to settle, contact the school by getting in touch with your child’s form tutor or head of year. Teachers will be used to children who may have difficulty settling and will have some strategies up their sleeve to help you.

Starting at high school

High school is a big milestone and for some may cause anxiety or fear. Here are some useful tips to support you and your child:

  • It is beneficial to attend all transition days

  • Meet up regularly, if possible, with other children who are going to the same high school throughout summer

  • Get to know the pastoral support teams in school so you know who to contact for support if needed

  • There is a drop-in session in high school where young people can access support from a link school nurse

  • Make time to be there and listen to your child. They maybe tired and a little more irritable in the first few weeks

Useful resources and links

Useful resources

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