On this page you will find information and advice to support you with your child’s health and wellbeing if they are between 11 and 16+ years of age

Supporting good sexual health

Talking to your teenager about sex will help them to feel more supported and confident. Most teenagers would probably like to talk to a parent or carer about relationships and sex so here are some top tips about how to start the conversation.

  • Remember, talking to your teenager won’t make them want to start having sex but it will help them to look after their sexual health when they do.
  • Make sure you know the facts about sex. Do some homework or look something up together if you’re unsure.
  • Ask your child what they are learning about sex at school
  • Talk about sex little and often. Having one ‘big talk’ about sex may feel overwhelming.
  • Listen to want your teen thinks and feels about sex
  • Ask them what their friends think about it

There are lots of places that you can go to for advice about sexual health, including information on contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and where to seek help.

NHS - Sexual health

FPA: the sexual health company

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity