Safety information from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

For more information about keeping you and others safe over Halloween and the bonfire period, please visit their website using this link: Cheshire Fire and Rescue

Reporting unlit dangerous bonfires in Cheshire

If you do spot a build-up of rubbish, intended to be used as a bonfire, please report it to the local council immediately.

  • Cheshire West and Chester - 0300 123 7026 - street care option 2.

Cheshire firefighters don’t want to spoil the treats to be had on Hallowe'en but we want to warn people of the potential dangers that can be faced from fire.

Hallowe'en - fire safety tips

  • Plastic capes and bin liners are often used as costumes - keep them away from candles or other naked flames

  • Use battery operated lights within homemade lanterns and pumpkins. Battery operated lights are much safer than candles.

  • Take extra care with candles - they are extremely hazardous. If the candle tips over it could set light to materials such as costumes, curtains, clothes and furniture and start a serious fire.

If clothing catches fire - stop, drop and roll

In the event that clothing does catch fire - remember to STOP, DROP and ROLL:

  • Stop where you are. Do not run. Running can make things worse.

  • Drop to the ground. Lay flat with your legs out straight.

  • Cover your eyes and mouth with your hands.

  • Roll over and over and back and forth until the flames are out.

  • Get help straight away.

Please share the video below with Children - it explains how to STOP, DROP and ROLL:

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Halloween Poster - No Trick or Treaters
No Trick or Treaters, Please Poster - pdf
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This time of year is one of the busiest for firefighters, who often have to deal with nuisance deliberate fires.

We want you to enjoy celebrations, but to do so safely. We would always recommend going to an organised bonfire or firework display as it is much safer to do so.

Please use the link below to read a list of organised bonifire events in Cheshire.

Organsied bonifire events in Cheshire


Always remember, if your clothing catches fire - STOP, DROP and ROLL.

If your clothes catch fire, running around won't help.  You must always stop, drop to the ground (cover you face with your hands) and roll over and over.  Make sure you roll over a few times, to ensure that you put the fire out. 

This video explains how to stop, drop and roll:

First aid - following a burn or scald
Good first aid following a burn or scald can make an enormous difference in recovery times and the severity of scarring. Remember to COOL, CALL, COVER.

First aid advice from the British Burn Association:

Cool the burn with running cold tap water for 20 minutes and remove all clothing and jewellery (unless it is melted or firmly stuck to the wound).

Call for help: 999, 111 or local GP for advice.

Cover with cling film or a sterile, non-fluffy dressing or cloth. Make sure the patient is kept warm.

This video explains how to cool, call, cover:

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