Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you and the amount you drink? 

A few pints a week may seem harmless, but your drinking levels could be harming your health. Get help to control your drinking with the new ‘Lower My Drinking’ app now available free in your local area.

The app can help you measure your alcohol score in minutes and can provide you with more tailored support if you need it.

The Lower My Drinking app can help you work out why you drink.

It also offers practical steps that you can add into your weekly routine to help lower your drinking such as:

  • regularly reviewing your drinking habits
  • comparing your drinking levels every week to see how you score
  • using motivational techniques to help you on your journey to healthier drinking
  • setting yourself alerts to help you on your way to staying on top of your drinking levels

Download the Lower Your Drinking app from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Useful links:

Lower My Drinking Website

Lower My Drinking Leaflet - pdf

Google Play Store - App Download

Apple Store - App Download