Your Teeth..

Staying Healthy

Good oral health isn’t just about how well you clean your teeth

An unhealthy mouth can be caused by…

  • Smoking which can turn your teeth yellow, give you bad breath and contribute to gum disease
  • Mouth piercings which can lead to infection
  • Braces can trap plaque so make sure you have a special brush to make sure you can keep them clean.

Your set of teeth need to last a lifetime so why not try to…

  • Reduce the risk of tooth decay by cutting down on sugary food and drinks. Try and drink milk or water when you can. Sugar causes acid attacks on your teeth and regular acid attacks can lead to tooth decay.
  • Brush twice a day with a toothpaste that contains at least 1350ppm of fluoride (this will be written on the tube)
  • Remember to spit not rinse once you’ve cleaned your teeth
  • Brush right up to the gums and your tongue too for fresher breath
  • Visit your dentist regularly.
  • Brushing your tongue will help combat bad breath!

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Sometimes our dentist may refer us to an Orthodontist about having braces to straighten our teeth, this can sometimes seem a little daunting however 1000's of children and young people have braces. for more information see Braces and Orthodontics.

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