Staying Safe

There are lots of reasons why some young people choose a risky behaviour like taking drugs. It could be because they are stressed at school or worried about their home life, or simply because they think it’s going to be fun.

Here are some good reasons not to take drugs...

  • Drugs are addictive
  • They can lead to depression
  • All drugs carry a risk because the side effects can depend upon how your body reacts to them. So it’s a lottery taking any.

“My friends are pressuring me to take drugs, what can I do?"

You may be worried that a friend is taking drugs or you may feel pressure from friends to take drugs when you just don’t want to. It’s really important to talk to someone about how you’re feeling or seek out some support. Try and confide in a trusted friend, family member or teacher. Or speak to your school nurse. You can also find help online.

For more advice and support go to www.talktofrank.com

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