Staying Safe

Social Bullying

This sort of bullying is often harder to recognise and is often carried out behind the back of the person who is being bullied. It includes:

- Lying, fake rumours and spreading gossip.

- Encouraging others to turn against someone.

- Leaving someone out constantly and encouraging others to do the same

- Socially excluding someone online, cyberbullying, negative comments on posts and images.

- Damaging someone's social reputation or social acceptance.

- Using humiliating nicknames and continuing when asked to stop.

- It isn't easy for someone going through this to accept when the line is crossed from being a prank or banter to persistent bullying. By the time you realise it is bullying, it may feel harder to seek support.

- Pulling faces, writing notes in class, telling everyone to not speak to you and Chinese whispers.

If this is happening to you TELL a friend, a teacher or an adult you trust. You can also get support from other young people who are in a similar situation to you on through Childline bullying message boards.

Useful contacts: National Bullying Helpline 0845 22 55 787 and Childline 0800 111


If you are are experiencing bullying you can speak in confidence to your High School link Nurse during your High School's weekly drop in session or chat online to one of our advisers.

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