Slow Cooker Cooking and Recipes

Staying Healthy

Slow cookers are electrical cooking appliance used to cook food slower and at a lower temperature to frying, boiling or baking; allowing unattended cooking for many hours. 

You can use your slow cooker to make a variety of simple, healthy and low cost meals for your family. On this page you will find recipes to try for your slowcooker as well as non slowcooker recipes.

Slow cookers do get very hot when in use. Please follow the safety instructions that come with your slow cooker. 


Example slow cooker recipe videos on YouTube:

Easy and Simple Slow Cooker Meals

Video by Rebecca Lamb YouTube Channel - Slow Cooker Meals


Banana Bread

Video by Love Slow Cookers YouTube Channel 

Meal Ideas and Recipes

Take a look at the easy make recipes below. To download and print please click the image. Downloads are (pdf).

Easy Fish Pie
Easy Fish Pie

Easy Cottage Pie
Easy Cottage Pie

Easy Meatball Curry
Easy Meatball Curry

Easy Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognese 
Easy Vegetable Spagetti

Easy Squash Macaroni Cheese
Squash Mac Cheese


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