Stopping Smoking

Parents / Carers Section

Although most of us have a pretty good understanding of the damage that smoking can do to us, it’s important to have a really good grasp of all the facts to enable an open and honest discussion with your child. Being informed and open may help to prevent your child from taking up the habit.

There are plenty of reasons not to smoke such as:

  • The impact on your health, both short term and long term
  • The impact on your appearance
  • The cost of a smoking habit
  • The risk to others from secondhand smoke

For the facts about smoking go to

If you are concerned that your child is already smoking there are lots of places that you can go for help and support, including your local stop smoking service which you can find by accessing the Smokefree website,

If you are over 16 and live in Cheshire West and Chester, you may be eligible for free support. Find out more at the Cheshire Change Hub

Cheshire Change Hub