Sensory Room

Children's Centre Offers

5 main Starting Well Children's Centres provide hourly bookings in their sensory room. The sensory rooms are equipped with soft play, offering a calming and soothing space for babies and toddlers alike to explore and interact with their environment through light and sound. 

Families registered at the Children’s Centre can book the sensory room for free.

To find out more about using the sensory room and to book a place please call one of the centres below:

Blacon Children's Centre
01244 397412
Sensory Room

Lache Children's Centre
01244 397486

Stanlaw Abbey Children's Centre
0151 488 8036
Stanlaw Abbey 4

Wharton Children's Centre
01606 555285
Sensory Room

Victoria Road Children's Centre
01606 555286
Sensory Room