Infant Feeding During COVID-19

Breastfeeding Support

Association Of Breastfeeding Mothers - ABM

Team baby: getting ready to breastfeed. FREE online course for parents looking at the decision to breastfeed, how breastfeeding works, how new-born’s behave, what challenges can arise and where to get help.

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Parent infant feeding support; From Tongue tie to low milk supply.

Unicef Website


Expressing - UNICEF

A video guide of how to hand express and when hand expression might be useful.

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ARDO Breastpumps

Due to COVID-19 NCT have temporarily withdrawn their volunteer breastpump scheme to minimise their contact with the general public. To rent the pumps, visit the ARDO website and when you get to the shopping cart enter the discount code CARUM20 in the coupon code field which will reduce the price.

ARDO Website


Maximising breastmilk and re-lactation guidance

Following the publication of the UUK BFI statement on infant feeding during the Covid-19 outbreak, UNICEF have now produced a quick reference guide for health professionals on supporting mothers to maximise the amount of breastmilk they are able to give or to re-lactate if they have stopped breastfeeding and wish to re-start. If you wish to maximise breastmilk or want to re-lactate call the Duty Desk numbers below to be referred to the 0-19 Starting Well infant feeding leads.

Blacon Children's Centre - 01244 397412 

Stanlaw Abbey Children’s Centre - 0151 4888036

Wharton Children’s Centre - 01606 555285

For further infant feeding support during COVID-19 call the 0-19 Starting Well duty numbers.


Useful Resources:

UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative (pdf) 
Baby friendly initiative statement on Infant feeding during the COVID-19 Outbreak.


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