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Alexa Breastfeeding Friend

If you have any breastfeeding questions - the Breastfeeding Friend from Start4Life, available 24/7 has lots of useful information and expert advice to share with you.

Whether you're experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, you've got sore nipples, or you want to know about vitamins and what you should include in your diet – if it's a breastfeeding related question, the Breastfeeding Friend is ready to help you.

All day, every day, you'll have access to:

  • NHS trusted advice – based on questions asked by thousands of new mums
  • Daily breastfeeding tips – on things like comforting your newborn, feeding frequency, and what to do if your baby cries during feeds

Getting Started is simple

1: SEARCH - Open the Alexa App on your smartphone, tap ‘skills’ in the menu and search for Breastfeeding Friend

2: ENABLE - Tap ‘enable’

3: TALK - Just say, “Alexa, open Breastfeeding Friend” to open the skill. Use the menu or ask Alexa a direct question, for example “Alexa, is my baby getting enough milk?”

Just Ask...

“Alexa, ask Breastfeeding Friend to give me some advice”

“Alexa, ask Breastfeeding Friend to give me a quick tip”

“Alexa, ask Breastfeeding Friend, how do I breastfeed?”

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