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Mark Making

Using paper and crayons to draw your own masterpiece, as you draw model how you talk about your picture…

“I’m using a blue crayon”

“Look at this big circle”

“This is the wheel for my bike”

You don’t have to be a fantastic drawer, in fact, the more abstract the better so your child doesn’t feel they have to produce something ‘perfect’ like yours.

As your child draws, don’t ask them what it is, ask them to tell you about it.
Remember to praise all efforts from your child, scribbles are a normal part of development for your child’s mark making skills and often the more scribbly pictures are a far better talking point than a perfectly formed flower or house.

You can play about with different types of marks and ask your child to follow your instructions, draw scribbles, up and down zig zags, circles and then instruct them to “stop” before they “go” and carry on with their scribbles.
You can turn this into a little rhyme that they will begin to repeat with you…

“Up and down, up and down, round and round, and round and round and stop”


Talking Tips (pdf) 


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