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Are you looking for some activity ideas to implement into your family’s daily routine? 

Each week we will add a new activity page with a weekly selection of activity ideas to try at home. Discover previous Infant weekly activities using in the useful links section at the bottom of this page.

With the support of you their parent/carer all activities support your littles ones developmental journey whilst being fun and engaging.

Enjoy and have fun!


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Monday's Activities

Activity 1 - Tummy Time

Tummy time is essential for your baby’s development, babies need it to learn, grow and develop their skeleton and muscles. You can make tummy time more interesting by laying baby across your chest or on your legs. Try for few minutes at a time to begin with to get your baby used to laying on their front.

Tummy Time (pdf)


Activity 2 - Funny Faces

Babies love looking at faces and begin focussing on faces very early on. Choose a time when your baby isn’t hungry or tired and position them so they can see your face, looking directly at you. Then make faces to your hearts content, try opening your mouth wide, raising your eyebrows, smiling or sticking out your tongue. Your baby may try and copy you and make faces of their own, and is likely to pay close attention to you. 

However if baby keeps looking a way it may be time to take a break.


Activity 3 - Sing a Song

Old MacDonald is a fun song to sing with baby. You can make it even more exciting by adding actions or trying some Makaton as your baby will be interested in watching you move with the words.

Old Macdonald Makaton Song Sheet - Makaton (pdf)


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Tuesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Sightseeing

Give your baby a tour of your house, talk to them about things that you can see, hear or smell, point to things that might interest them and show them things that they may not normally see. Carrying your baby around will allow them to view their world from a different perspective, and hearing you tell them about their surroundings will support early listening and attention skills.

Babies also love to look outside, if you can let them look through a window, or sit with you in front of a glass door, this can be a lovely time to share what you can see. On warmer days you can take baby into the garden or on a walk, always talking about the things you can see, hear and smell, and encouraging them to point at anything or everything.


Activity 2 - Food Exploration

For Age 6 months+ only

This is a simple activity to allow babies to begin to explore different foods with their hands and mouths exploring smell, taste, sound, sight and texture, using vegetables, fruit, cooked pasta, cereal.

Remember to use allow your baby to play and explore either sitting in their highchair, or by filling a tray and placing on the floor. You can spread a towel on the floor to catch any dropped pieces.

Exploring food is a good way to support weaning, encourage babies to try new foods, and help picky eaters to eat a variety of foods.  You can add a spoon, fork or containers for scooping to help support the use of utensils.

If you are using grapes please peel and chop them into small pieces.

Introducting Solid Food - Start4Life


Activity 3 - Read along, Open Very Carefully

Open Very Carefully, a book with bite - BookTrust


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Wednesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Bubbles

Babies love bubbles, and you can create them, using classic bubble mixture, fairy liquid, or bubble bath. 

Babies will enjoy watching you blow bubbles, see how many you can blow at once. Then see how many you can pop. You can hold babies hand and guide it to help them pop bubbles too.

See how to make simple homemade bubble mixture.

How to make bubble mixture - BBC Good Food


Activity 2 - Reaching

Encouraging your baby to reach and grasp supports motor development and helps to develop the muscles in the arms, shoulders and hands. Place your baby in a comfortable position, and place an item just out of their reach. This will encourage baby to reach forward to try and get the item, and to pull it towards them. Try using a favourite toy for example. You can also place multiple items nearby to see which one baby will reach for first, allowing your baby to develop their decision making skills.


Activity 3 - Clap Clap Hands

Gently support your baby to do the actions along with you, by helping them clap their hands and stamp their feet.

Clap, Clap, Hands, One, Two,Three - BBC Teach


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Thursday's Activities

Activity 1 - Dancing with baby

Dancing with your baby is not only a chance for you to listen together to your favourite music, but also an opportunity for baby bonding through cuddling and eye contact.

Play some music and gently rock, sway and twirl with your baby, keep eye contact and be sure to keep smiling. Gentle dancing simulates the soothing feeling your baby had when being rocked, or swayed inside the womb. It also supports the development of coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

Activity 2 - Salt Dough Keepsakes

Making salt dough is relatively simple and it’s a lovely way to create a hand or footprint of your baby that you can keep forever. When the dough is made, allow your baby to explore the new material, as they will be interested in the texture of the dough. Then gently press their hand or foot into the dough to create a hand or footprint. This can also be decorated after it is baked.

Salt Dough Footprint Keepsakes - The Imagination Tree


Activity 3 - Listen and Watch Along, Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit Story - CBeebies


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Friday's Activities

Activity 1 - Photographs

Take this opportunity to show your baby any photos you may have, for example in a photo album. Exploring photos together can be a lot of fun and gives you an opportunity to take to your baby about different people or places. Talk to your baby about who they can see in the pictures as a good way to encourage listening and attention, and to encourage those early communication skills.

You can even show baby pictures of themselves, telling baby ‘that’s you’ you can extend this by showing baby their body parts ‘there’s your eyes’, ‘there’s your nose’

Any black and white photos you may have will really capture babies attention too.


Activity 2 - Baking

For aged 6 Months+

If you enjoy cooking or baking you can get baby started early. Sit them in their high chair and talk them through the process, you can choose to make your favourite recipe or there are lots of great child friendly recipes here: 

Kids Baking Recipes - BBC Good Food  
NOTE: Please be aware of any food allergies 

While you are baking talk to baby about what you are doing at each step, show them the ingredients you are using and allow them to get involved by giving them a wooden spoon to hold, a mixing bowl to feel, or a rolling pin to play with. If you are using foil or baking paper you could scrunch this up and give it to baby to explore the texture and sounds this will make.

Make sure baby can see what you are doing, as they will love to watch you.

Introducting Solid Food - Start4Life (pdf)


Activity 3 - Sing Together, 5 Little Men

Five Little Men - BBC Teach (pdf)


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