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Are you looking for some activity ideas to implement into your family’s daily routine? 

Each week we will add a new activity page with a weekly selection of activity ideas to try at home. Discover previous Infant weekly activities using in the useful links section at the bottom of this page.

With the support of you their parent/carer all activities support your littles ones developmental journey whilst being fun and engaging.

Enjoy and have fun!


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Monday's Activities

Activity 1 - Sock Puppets

Using finger or hand puppets you may have at home; even a pair of socks in an interesting colour or pattern is a fun way to support early communication and listening. 

Use the puppets to tell a made up story, read a book, sing a song or act out a nursery rhyme for your baby. They will enjoy the movement, the colour and hearing your voice. If your baby makes a noise, use the puppet and repeat it back to them to encourage a conversation. 

This is a great activity to include an older sibling, as they can have they’re own puppet and join in the fun too.


Activity 2 - Bubbles

Use bubbles in play to engage baby. Do them outside so they float away and in the bath so they land on the water.

Making Soap Bubbles (pdf)


Activity 3 - Music Time

This one may be quite noisy. Give your baby a variety of objects that could be used to make noises, for example, a rattle, a tambourine, a pot and spoon to be used as a drum or any other toys they may have that make noises.

Let your baby see you using the objects to make different noises, some that may be very loud, others that are quiet.

They will enjoy listening to the noises you create and will try to make noises of their own. 


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Tuesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Jelly Play

Make up some jelly, depending on what you have available, this could be different colours, flavours or smells.

You could also use moulds to set the jelly into different shapes, or add a surprise by putting glitter into the mixture.

When it’s set allow your baby to explore the jelly with their hands.

To avoid mess you can do this in the bathtub, in the garden, on the tray of a highchair, or simply place the jelly in a Ziploc bag.

Your baby will enjoy exploring the new texture with their hands, and may enjoy smelling or tasting the jelly if it is safe to do so.


Activity 2 - Tummy Time

During tummy time try showing your baby an assortment of black and white objects or images from around your home.

Black and white images for new-borns help extend tummy time. It also teaches the muscles of the eyes and the brain to co-ordinate and function properly.

Engagement with black and white images, different textures and patterns boosts infants learning and helps them understand their environment.

Bold black and white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves and support young babies cognitive and visual development.


Activity 3 - Storytime, A Busy Day for Birds

A Busy Day For Birds - The BookTrust


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Wednesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Fun Exploring

Fill a kitchen cupboard, basket or box with safe items for your baby to explore independently, you could put pots, pans, baking trays, plastic bowls or wooden spoons. Encourage your child to explore the objects, and allow them to take them in and out of the cupboard, basket or box.

You could also put these items out on the floor for your child to explore.

Explore with your child, the different textures and shapes you can see. See what noises you can create, for example a wooden spoon against a pan. You may have a little drummer on your hands.


Activity 2 - Balloons

When playing with baby and a balloon pause and wait for your baby to indicate they want ‘more’. They might do this by making body movements, or making eye contact with you, or calling out. This helps to keep joint attention and communication going.


Activity 3 - Nursery Rhymes

Introduce your baby to some nursery rhymes. You can get creative, using props, actions or singing. 

You can create a nursery rhyme treasure basket, with different toys for your baby to hold while you sing.

Nursery Rhyme Singing Basket - The Imagination Tree


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Thursday's Activities

Activity 1 - Floating Catch

Using a variety of lightweight materials, such as scarves, foil or squares of tissue paper, in a variety of colours or patterns.

Sit on the floor with your baby and throw the items up in the air, the items will float down and you and your baby can try to catch them.

Encourage your baby to reach for the objects to support the development of motor skills.

You could expand this by putting the scarves over your head and playing peek-a-boo or allowing the baby to pull them off.


Activity 2 - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror show baby themselves in the mirror. Talk to them about what you can see; for example eyes, nose, etc. 

Name different body parts, introducing new words can help support early communication skills. 


Activity 3 - Read Along, Baby's Day

Read along with The BookTrust, there are a variety of stories and rhymes available on the BookTrust website for you to read with your baby at home.

Baby's Day - The BookTrust


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Friday's Activities

Activity 1 - That Makes 3

This is an easy activity that supports physical and mental development of your little one. Give your baby 2 objects to grasp, 1 in each hand. Then present your baby with a third object. Baby will have to work out whether they want to put an object down to pick up another, or if they are going to try and hold all 3.

This reaching and grasping supports the development of the muscles in the hands and arms. It is also a great introduction to early decision making. 

This idea can easily be used to support a range of activities, such as:
Animal sounds: using different animals, can be a nice way of introducing sounds to your baby. They will enjoy hearing you making the sounds

Nursery rhymes or books: use objects that represent your favourite nursery rhyme or book, for example if your baby picks up a toy boat, you can enjoy singing row ‘row row your boat’ together.


Activity 2 - Reflective Tray Play

Babies love looking at themselves in reflective surfaces. Therefore you can create a tray or treasure basket with reflective or shiny items you can find around the home. This can be as big or as small as you like.

You could include metal or stainless steel kitchen items, silver or shiny toys and of course a mirror. Allow your baby to hold and explore these objects.

Show your baby what they look like in the mirror, and also what the reflections of the objects look like, to show them a different view. 

Baby and Toddler Sensory Play Tray - The Imagination Tree


Activity 3 - Foot Painting

Foot Painting is a wonderful sensory experience for babies. Babies feel paint on their skin and in between their toes.

Use child safe paints only.


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