Infant Activities - Week 16

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Are you looking for some activity ideas to implement into your family’s daily routine? 

Each week we will add a new activity page with a weekly selection of activity ideas to try at home. Discover previous Infant weekly activities using in the useful links section at the bottom of this page.

With the support of you their parent/carer all activities support your littles ones developmental journey whilst being fun and engaging.

Enjoy and have fun!


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Monday's Activities

Activity 1 -  Grabbing Basket

Get a couple of small boxes or baskets and fill them with items for your baby to explore. Try items with different textures, like cardboard, large beads, pompoms or uncooked pasta shapes. Let your baby explore each box, either on their tummy or by taking objects out of the basket to show them, one by one. Give your baby a chance to grasp the items and feel the different textures. Just make sure they don’t try to eat the objects.


Activity 2 - Garden Picnic

On a sunny day, head outside, place a blanket down in your garden, or visit a local park and enjoy sitting on the grass. Enjoy the breeze on your skin and the scents of the flowers and plants. Talk to your baby about the different things you can see, tell them the names of the flowers or look for birds or aeroplanes in the sky. For babies over 6 months who are weaning enjoy a picnic by sharing some finger foods together.


Activity 3 - Open Shut Them

Sing the song and do the actions to help your little one learn to coordinate words with actions.

Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little clap, clap, clap

Open shut them
Open shut them
Lay them on your lap, lap, lap

Creep them crawl them ("crawl" fingers up the sides of your body)
Creep them crawl them
Right up to your chin, chin, chin (bring fingers to chin)
Open wide your little mouth
But do not let them in (hide fingers behind back)


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Tuesday's Activities

Activity 1 -  Baby Dancing

Dancing with your baby can be lots of fun and supports your babies development. Babies will love listening to your favorite songs, enjoy the gentle rocking motion of dancing, and holding them close will enhance bonding. So pop on some music, and twirl, jump and jig to your hearts content

For extra fun try singing along. Your baby will love listening to you and begin to develop those all important listening and attention skills. Additionally hearing repeated rhymes or phrases, such as in the chorus of a song will help your little one to begin to learn words.


Activity 2 - Catch

Test your baby’s fine motor and grasping skills with a simple game of catch. If your baby is lying on their back try dropping lightweight material from above. A scarf will work brilliantly, as they are lightweight and will appear to float through the air. The bright colours and movement will also catch your baby’s attention, and will encourage them to reach out and catch the scarf from the air, by grasping it.

If your baby is sitting up you can switch it up by rolling a ball gently towards them, this will test their attention as well as their coordination skills, as they reach towards the ball to try and catch it. Help your baby develop their motor skills further by guiding their arms gently to push the ball and roll it back.


Activity 3 - Read a Book Upside Down

When you settle down for story time, pick your book up upside down, open it and start to read. Show your baby your mistake (e.g. pictures upside down) and correct it by  turning the book the right way up,  then continue to read the story as normal. This will help your baby learn that books have a right way to open and go from front to back.  Soon your child will begin to pick up books and adjust them so they are the right way up.


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Wednesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Hello, Goodbye

This simple peek-a-boo type activity will support your baby’s vocabulary and help them to learn to say hello and goodbye. Try using a blanket, or hiding behind the sofa. Say goodbye and hide behind your blanket where baby can’t see. Then pop out and say hello. The repetition will help your baby to learn these simple greetings and will also make them smile or laugh.

Try waving as you say the words, you may find your baby will copy you.

If you speak a 2nd language or would like to start learning one, you can also try saying hello and goodbye in a different language to baby, as this will also help support speech and language development.


Activity 2 - Mark Making

Try using toy cars or vehicles for some early mark making practise. In a shallow container try spreading a thin layer of flour or sand. Help your baby to push their cars forward and backward and show them the imprints the tyres make. They should be able to see their tracks. Not only will this support those key fine motor skills, but will also help your baby begin to understand cause and effect.

You could also try using paint and paper for the same effect, by applying paint to the wheels of a toy car and letting your baby push it backwards and forwards across the page. This way you can also keep the picture your baby creates.


Activity 3 - Listen Along - Go, Go Pirate Boat

Go, Go Pirate Boat - BookTrust (YouTube)


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Thursday's Activities

Activity 1 - Musical Hide and Seek

Hide a musical toy where your baby can’t see but where they will still be able to hear it.

Show your baby the toy you are going to hide and allow them to play with it, so they can hear the sound it makes. Then, when your baby isn’t looking, hide the toy, so they can still hear it, somewhere nearby is best. Your baby will turn to look for the sound to try and find where the noise is coming from; more mobile babies will look for the toy. Your baby will be using their listening skills and will be developing a sense of object permanence.


Activity 2 - Out of Reach

Help your baby learn how to solve problems, and support their brain development.

Place a towel on the floor and put a toy on top of the towel just out of your baby’s reach. If your baby is interested and reaching for the toy, show them how to pull the towel towards them so the toy moves close enough to reach. 

Repeat this a few times so your baby can see what to do. Then help them to have a go by holding their hands and supporting them to pull on the towel. Keep encouraging baby throughout by cheering them on to get the toy.


Activity 3 - Here is the Beehive

A nursery rhyme to introduce counting

Here is the beehive,
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees.
Watch and you'll see them come out of the hive. One...two...three...four...five!

Count 1 less each verse, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, till they have all flown away.


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Friday's Activities

Activity 1 - Tummy Time

Tummy time will help support your baby’s head and neck muscles, and physical development, whilst preparing them for sitting and standing. Try livening up short periods of tummy time by setting up books for your baby to look at, place an array of books on the floor in front of your baby so they have something different to focus on. You can lay books on the floor, or try standing them up to give your baby a new perspective, just make sure they don’t fall over.

Remember it’s ok to stick to short periods of time, follow your baby’s lead, if they seem unhappy you can always try again later on.

Tummy Time (pdf)


Activity 2 - Bathtime Play

Try using different, pots or containers at bath-time, to pour, drip, sprinkle or scoop water. By filling and pouring out containers of different sizes your baby is learning about volume and capacity. Once they become more coordinated they’ll pour the water from one container into another container, and discover that all the water from the large container doesn’t fit into the smaller container, and that some will spill out.


Activity 3 - Choose

Using toys or objects from around the house allow your baby to choose a song. You could use a toy bus (the wheels on the bus) and a toy mouse (hickory dickory dock). Show the toys to your baby and offer them the choice between the 2 items. Then sing the song for which ever one they choose. You could do this several times in a row. Will they choose the same song several times or prefer to hear something different each time?


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