Infant Activities - Week 13

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Are you looking for some activity ideas to implement into your family’s daily routine? 

Each week we will add a new activity page with a weekly selection of activity ideas to try at home. Discover previous Infant weekly activities using in the useful links section at the bottom of this page.

With the support of you their parent/carer all activities support your littles ones developmental journey whilst being fun and engaging.

Enjoy and have fun!


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Monday's Activities

Activity 1 - Roll the Ball

Tummy time is important for the development of babies’ muscles that will eventually support them to sit up.  When they first spend time down on the floor, your baby might struggle. However, voices and faces are massively motivating for babies, so get down to their level.

Try varying tummy time by placing your baby gently on an inflated exercise ball, and securely holding baby so they don’t slip off. Give baby a little time to adjust to this new sensation, if they like it try gently rolling the ball slightly back and forth or side to side. Baby will enjoy the gentle rocking movement, and it will support muscle development and gross motor skills.

Tummy Time (pdf)


Activity 2 - Happy Sounds

Strike up a happy little conversation with your baby. The sounds your baby makes are their way of communicating with you. The more you talk to your baby the more motivated they will be to carry on the conversation‛.

Encourage your baby to make the happy sounds – coos and gurgles. Try making the sounds that you think your baby can also follow and mimic. Wait for a response and make the same sound. Your baby will be happy to talk to you.


Activity 3 - Nursery Rhymes

Try singing some nursery rhymes to your baby. They will enjoy hearing your voice and listening to you sing. Remember to make eye contact and smile at your baby so you can see their reactions. Add props, actions or dancing if you and your baby are in a lively mood.


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Tuesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Count

It’ll be a while before your baby will recite their numbers, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to introduce numbers. So start counting things; anything and everything, with your child.
Count cars, balls, toys, stairs or singing songs with numbers in them. What you count isn’t important. What’s important is that your child will be learning a very important mathematical concept called one-to-one correspondence.


Activity 2 - Rattle Play

Shaking a rattle will engage your baby’s eyes, ears, and sense of touch. They will watch the rattle move and listen to the sound that it makes. If they can grasp the rattle; that will help support the development of their motor skills. 


Activity 3 - Storytime, The Posh Rat

Share a story with your baby, making sure to show them the matching illustrations.

The Posh Rat - Sooper Books


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Wednesday's Activities

Activity 1 - Play Dough

Try introducing your baby to playdough, let them grasp it in their hands, help them to squash it, pull it or smell it. Try pressing it against different parts of your baby’s body. Do they like it rolled against their feet, or gently pressed on their arm? Exploring a new texture like playdough is a nice sensory experience for babies, and playing with it will help develop their fine motor skills.


Activity 2 - Shadow Puppets

Using a torch, your fingers, or an object create shadows on the wall in a darkened room. Show your baby what shapes you can make, and talk to her about what you are doing.

Try sitting in different positions so you can see different parts of the room, or lie down with baby and make shapes on the ceiling.


Activity 3 - Storytime, I Found a Frog

I Found a Frog - Monkey Pen (an online story)


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Thursday's Activities

Activity 1 - Texture Book

Make a texture book for your baby by cutting squares of different kinds of material, corrugated card, felt, tissue paper or foil work nicely. You could try gluing different items to a piece of card too. Punch a hole in the corner of each card and tie together with string. Gently bring your baby’s hand to each texture and see how they respond. As you read the book together, you can name the color and texture of the fabric.


Activity 2 - Find It

As your baby begins to reach out and grab things independently, try playing a “find it” game. While your baby is in their high chair or sitting on the floor, show them a toy. Then cover it with a washcloth. Wait a moment to see if they reach to uncover the toy. If they don’t, show them where to find it.  Then cover it again and let them have another go. You may need to demonstrate a few times. Games like this build babies’ thinking and problem-solving skills.


Activity 3 - Storytime, Snuggle up and choose a book...

Try singing this simple song to baby before you cuddle up together to read a story.

Snuggle up and Choose a Book - Tiny Happy People 


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Friday's Activities

Activity 1 - Hi Bye

Hi! Bye!

Try playing peek-a-boo. Most babies really enjoy this game! When you pop out from behind a towel or your hand, say, “HI!” When you are about to disappear, wave and say, “BYE!”
By putting words to your actions, over time your baby will begin to understand their meaning. They may try to copy your movements, or might even start saying the words themselves.


Activity 2 - Treasure Baskets

Explore your favourite colour by creating a colour themed sensory basket for your baby.

Baby Treasure Basket, Learning Colours - The Imagination Tree


Activity 3 - Sing Along

Listen, sing or dance along to the Philharmonic, as they play this classic nursery rhyme.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Tiny Happy People

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