Staying Healthy

The younger you start smoking the more damage you will do to your body as you get older which can lead to many health problems. Not only that, smoking has a really negative effect on your appearance and on your bank balance too.

"My friends are all smoking, I'm tempted to start too..."

If you smoke you can end up with bad breath, yellow fingers, rotting teeth, smelly clothes and hair, and develop wrinkles earlier. You can also get a ‘smoker’s cough’ and won’t be as physically fit as a non-smoker.

Don’t forget…it is against the law to buy cigarettes if you are under 18 years of age.

How much does my habit cost?

Why not try our interactive quiz to find out how much your habit is costing you..

I want to quit but I don’t know how..

The best way to stop smoking is by having lots of good advice and support on hand.

There are lots of places you can go to for support whether you decide to quit on your own or with the support of family and friend’s. You can find local support and help at Cheshire Change Hub.  


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