‘Outstanding for Care’

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We are delighted to confirm that, following a recent inspection by healthcare regulators the Care Quality Commission (CQC), CWP’s Starting Well Service – which provides health and wellbeing services to children, young people and their families in West Cheshire – has been rated as Good overall and Outstanding for Care.

In its report, the service was celebrated by the CQC for making “significant improvements” since its last inspection in 2015, with particular praise aimed at its “exceptional family focused approach to care delivery” and “excellent professional relationships across all services.”

What else did the CQC say?

  • Staff were highly skilled in recognising people’s needs and finding appropriate ways to meet them
  • Staff showed excellent knowledge in how to approach difficult and complex situations with compassion and understanding
  • The service had enough staff with the right qualifications, skills, training and experience to keep people safe from avoidable harm and abuse and to provide the right care and treatment.
  • The service provided care and treatment based on national guidance and evidence of its effectiveness.
  • Caseloads across all services we visited were very well managed and care was tailored to meet individual needs.
  • The trust planned and provided services in a way that met the needs of local people and worked well with external organisations.
  • Managers across the trust promoted a positive culture that supported and valued staff, creating a sense of common purpose based on shared values.

CWP’s Head of Clinical Services for Starting Well Val Sturgess said: “In recent years the Starting Well service has evolved significantly – with a number of  services (such as health visiting, school nursing and early years children’s centres integrating into our overall offer. I’m delighted we have been recognised for the improvements made during this journey, and that particular focus has been brought to our family-focused approach. We are especially pleased to have been judged by CQC as ‘outstanding’ for care, which is something that underpins the values of everyone at CWP. We will continue to build on these recognised  strengths across all aspects of the service.”