Contact the Online Team

We are currently reviewing our online chat function and it is therefore not possible to contact the service via the online function at present.

When our online function becomes available again we will let you know!

In the meantime you can still access support from the Starting Well team by calling any of the duty team numbers below.

We are available via the following Duty Teams:

Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Blacon Children's Centre - 01244 397412 

Stanlaw Abbey Children’s Centre - 0151 4888036

Wharton Children’s Centre - 01606 555285


The Starting Well Service is not a crisis Service. If you need urgent help please contact the emergency services 999 or speak to your GP. You can also call 111 for advice.


Useful links:

CWP Out of Hours Advice Line

CWP Help in a Crisis - 0800 145 6485


Accessing Support


Useful Resources:

Service Leaflet For Young People (pdf)

Information We Hold Leaflet (pdf)


The information you share with the Starting Well Team is confidential. When a worker or organisation says that you can speak to them confidentially, this means that they won't tell anyone else what you say. The only time they will share information is if you have agreed or if they are very worried about your safety or the safety of others.