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The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine that protects against HPV-related cancers is available to all year 8 boys and girls.

By having this vaccination, your child will be protected against the most common cause of cervical cancer, some mouth and throat cancers, and some cancers of the anus and genital areas for many years to come.

We hope that the information provided in the HPV leaflet below addresses any concerns you or your child might have about the vaccination and that you will both feel confident that by having the HPV vaccine they will be protecting themselves from a very serious disease later in life.

If your child has had a reaction to any vaccine in the past, or has an allergy to any of the vaccine components (the list of components can be found here: Gardasil) please contact us on 01244 397470 to discuss.

Should you have any other questions or queries about the HPV vaccination, please contact us on the number above or email:


Your child’s school will notify you of the planned date of the session.

Information about the vaccinations will be put on your child’s health records.

Please see our HPV page for young people. HPV for Young People


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 Hpv Leaflet

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