Exam Stress (GCSE)

Thoughts and Feelings

There can be lots of pressure to succeed in exams and sometimes this can feel overwhelming. Unfortunately there is no magic wand to make exams go away, but here are some tips that will help you stay calm, focused and prepared.

Warning signs of exam stress can be... 

- Struggling to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night 
- Feeling more tired than usual 
- Forgetfulness 
- Changes in your appetite 
- Losing interest in the things you enjoy 
- Feeling anxious or irritable (snappy/moody) 
- Migraines/headaches 
- Struggle to focus 
- Feeling overwhelmed 
- Feeling teary and more emotional than usual 

These feelings can make you feel less like yourself, but there are lots of ways to manage them.

Below is a short video with hints and tips on combating your exam fear.

Video clip by BBC Radio 1

It is important to remember you are not alone and there are lots of people such as family, friends and your teachers who can support you.

You can also speak to your School's link nurse about ANYTHING worrying you. Ask a member of your pastoral care team for more information about  drop in sessions at your high school. 

Contact the Starting Well Online Team for online support and guidance about any fears, worries or anxiety you might be experiencing. Check when the team are available by clicking on the link below. You can complete the online form or chat to an advisor using the Chat Tab in the bottom right hand corner.

Online Chat Team


- Don't compare yourself or compete with your friends 
- Take regular breaks
- Carry on with activities you enjoy
- Visualise finishing your exams

Visit BBC Bitesize website for GCSE support. Click the link below

BBC Bitesize

Looking after yourself during your GCSE's guides are available to read by clicking or touching the images below.

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Click the link below to download a managing exam stress information sheet

Managing Exam Stress

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