COVID-19 Vaccination 12-15

Staying Healthy

Covid Vaccinations are now available to children between the ages of 12 to 15.

These vaccinations are being delivered in schools.

You will be contacted via your child’s school with information about the date this is scheduled, links to information and links to the E-consent form asking you to consent to your child being included in the vaccination programme.

If you need this information in any other format then please contact us so that we can make this available.

The E-consent process is new and is a swift and easy way to consent to your child’s vaccination.

Please respond promptly when you receive your letter from school so that the consent form can be processed.

Below is information to support the consent process. Please review this with your child when completing the consent form online.


Useful resources:

A Guide for Children and Young People - pdf

Easy-read Children’s COVID-19 Vacinnation Leaflet - pdf

What to Expect After Your COVID-19 Vaccine - pdf


Useful links:

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