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Daytime Wetting

Children wetting themselves during the day is very common: one in seven children aged four and one in 20 children aged nine are affected. You and your family are not alone in dealing with this issue. We are here to help and our information can guide you through stopping the wee accidents.

ERIC, Daytime Wetting

ERIC Guide to Children's Daytime Bladder Problems - (pdf)



Bedwetting (also known as nocturnal enuresis) affects around half a million children and teenagers in the UK. It's an issue families can find very isolating and difficult to talk about openly. It can take a huge toll on family life and affect kid's self-esteem and emotional well-being. 

ERIC, Bedwetting 

ERIC Guide to Nightime Wetting - (pdf)


Constipation and Soiling

Constipation is the most common bowel problem in children. It is the inability to do a poo regularly or to completely empty the bowel.

It can start at any age (including babies) and affects up to 30% of all children.

A child is constipated if they poo less than four times a week.

Constipation can be very uncomfortable and distressing for a child and difficult for the family to deal with.

ERIC, Bowel Problems

ERIC Guide for Children with Additional Needs - (pdf)


Useful resources:

Drinking Chart - (pdf)