Baby Massage

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Baby massage is a calm and relaxing way to spend time with your baby.

Baby massage has many benefits including:

  • Supporting and understanding baby’s needs
  • Supporting the early bond between parent/carer and baby
  • Improving sense of well-being.
  • Increasing confidence in recognising baby’s needs
  • Improved positive interaction with baby.
  • Improved sleep for baby

The course will run for 4 weeks and each session will be an hour long. Massage will not take the whole session to allow time for feeding, sleepy babies or babies that just need cuddles. Through the session you will have the opportunity to talk about your baby and your experiences as a parent so far.


What age is best for massage?

From around 8 weeks (after your GP check) up to when your baby is mobile.


Time and Venue

Venue: Victoria Road Children's Centre, Neumann St, Northwich CW9 5UT.

Day and Time: Wednesday 4th May, 9.30am - 10.30am running for 4 weeks.

To book a place on the course please call Victoria Road Children's Centre on 01606 555286.


What you need to bring?

Please bring your own changing mat and a towel or blanket so you can wrap baby up when you’ve finished massage.


Useful resources:

Baby Massage Flyer - pdf


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