Keeping your child safe

Parents / Carers

As your child grows up and becomes more independent it is important to have steps in place to make sure they are safe.

Inside of the home

A surprisingly high number of children’s accidents happen in the home and an accident can only take a matter of seconds, so be aware of potential hazards. Ensure that:

  • Flat screen TVs are fixed securely to the wall
  • Hair straighteners are unplugged
  • Matches and lighters are out of reach or locked away
  • Hot drinks are kept away from your children. A hot drink can still scald 20 minutes after it’s been made

There are plenty more top tips on accident proofing your home and garden. Go to for more information

Outside of the home

A younger child may rarely be on their own outside of the home but as they grow more independent it is important to remember some rules about keeping safe.

  • Make sure your child is aware of the dangers of roads and railways
  • Ensure that they know how to cross the road safely
  • If they are out on their bike make sure they know how to cycle correctly and safely, obeying the laws of the road.
  • When cycling they should always wear a helmet
  • Make sure you know where they are and who they are with at all times. Make sure you have a contact number.
  • Teach your child about stranger danger. Teach them to run, yell and tell if they are approached by a stranger.

Go to for more information about road safety.

Online Safety

The internet has changed all of our lives and opened up a whole new world not only to us but to our children too. Understanding how to use the internet safely and responsibly is key to your child being able to enjoy and benefit from it.

There is some great advice on the ThinkUknow website which provides top tips for parents and carers of both primary and secondary aged children. It explores the different ways that your child may use the internet, pitfalls to watch out for, how to stay secure and much more.

Go to and click on the link for the Parents & Carers advice section.