Growing Up

You may have noticed that your body has started to change, that you’ve started to feel differently about things or your relationships are changing. This is all a normal part of puberty.

For girls puberty can begin any time between the age of 8 and 14, though for some girls this may be later. For boys puberty can begin any time between the age of 9 and 14 but for some boys this can be later too.

Remember though, everybody changes at their own rate, and what is happening to one person may not be happening to you yet. This is really normal. Everybody gets there in the end!


You may start to…..grow taller, grow hair in different places, start to sweat more, have greasier skin and hair, feel more emotional……

Just For Girls…

There are some changes that will happen in puberty which just happen to girls….

  • Your breast will start to grow and your hips will get bigger
  • Your period starts
  • Your vagina changes

For more information about starting your periods go to


Just for Boys…..

  • Your shoulders will get broader
  • Muscles get bigger and stronger
  • Your voice starts to change


You can find out more about puberty at


The science bit..

Take a look at this interactive guide showing the physical changes that take place throughout puberty.